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Honey for Meals

Get your local, artisanal honey to support Longmont Meals on Wheels!

This year 3rd Avenue Honey has 6-ounce jars of whipped honey for a minimum donation of $6 each, and Ryan Stage has 10-ounce jars of creamed honey for a minimum $10 donation each. ALL proceeds benefit Longmont Meals on Wheels, and these jars make the sweetest holiday gifts!

After you make your donation, pickup will be at Longmont Meals on Wheels. When you click the link to make your purchase, please watch for details on the updated availability there. After your purchase, please email Katie with when you anticipate you will pick up so we can have your honey ready for you. If the link doesn't work, we are sold out. Click here to make your purchase! 

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We are collecting essential items for our clients, plus items we need to make it all happen!
We are collecting:

9-quart coolers

16-quart coolers

resealable sandwich bags 

applesauce cups & fruit cups

protein bars

various brown bags: heavy duty 12"x7"x17"; lunch bag; takeout kraft with handles 10"x6.75"x12"

You can find ideas here for client items at our Amazon Charity List. We're also collecting some office and kitchen supplies.

Please mail items to Longmont Meals on Wheels or drop off items at our secure dropbox on the west side of the Longmont Sr. Center. Thank you!

Food Items for Clients, the Kitchen & Office

Tie-Dyed T-Shirts

Dress to Support Longmont Meals on Wheels

Support your favorite hometown charity with a hand tie-dyed t-shirt, made by one of our volunteers. These are available from our office - stop in!

tie dyed t shirt

Host Your Own Fundraiser 

Want to host an event or sell a product to support Longmont Meals on Wheels?

We can help!
Volunteer fundraisers have run races, sold honey, hosted concerts and requested donations in lieu of gifts, to name a few! Let us know your plans, and we would love to support you. We can give you a rapid donate platform so your friends or customers can donate fast with Paypal, Venmo or their favorite digital payment service. We can also share your plans if you would like!

Please email Katie if you want our help!

product fundraiser sell something and raise money for charity
race fundraising
Couple gets married and requests donations.

King Soopers

It's so simple to have King Soopers donate to Longmont Meals on Wheels on your behalf. All you have to do is link your loyalty card.

Click here, search for Longmont Meals on Wheels, and click "enroll."

When you shop, make sure you use your loyalty card or Alt ID!

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